Who: I am a computer scientist, consultant, programmer, sysadmin, author, and overall geek living in Mexico with my awesome wife and our two beautiful daughters.

What: I work as an Architect at Swisscom Cloud Lab, where I am applying my experience and background in security, configuration management, cloud computing and automation to build the next-generation cloud infrastructure for Swisscom and its customers. I am also the author of “Learning CFEngine 3”, published by O’Reilly Media.

Where: I was born in Argentina, but have moved around all my life. When I was very young I moved to Mexico, where I lived in four different cities before moving to the U.S. to pursue my Ph.D. at Purdue University under the direction of Gene Spafford. Upon finishing my studies, my wife and I decided to go to Switzerland, where I worked at the IBM Zurich Research Lab. After eight years, we moved back to Mexico in late 2009.

Long version: If you are interested, here’s my curriculum vitae. For other useless trivia about me, see here.

The online past: I had a blog called BrT which I closed when I moved back to Mexico. I still keep a static copy of it for reference. I also still have a web page at Purdue University, with extremely old content.

About this site

This entire site is served by GitHub through their incredibly useful Pages feature. All the “top” pages are stored in the main zzamboni.github.com repository, which is devoted to this content. Most of my project pages are stored in the gh-pages branch of their own github repositories. Since GitHub Pages supports custom domains, all of them can be transparently hosted under the zzamboni.org domain.

I think it’s incredible that all of this infrastructure is so easy to use and available for free. I am a paying GitHub customer, but mostly as a way to give something back to such a wonderful service.