A Fresh Start

Welcome to Ideally Blue, my new blog about life, technology and whatever else comes to my mind.

As part of the process to leave Switzerland, my wife and I decided to stop using our own self-managed server (which we have used for over two years, shared with some good friends) and move everything to “the cloud”, using hosted services. This includes mainly email, which we moved to Google Apps, and several web sites and blogs, which turned out to be the complicated bit. For my own blog BrT, I toyed for a while with the idea of migrating it either to Wordpress.com (the obvious choice, since it was a self-hosted Wordpress blog) or to Posterous (I’ve also been a Posterous user for some time, and I think it’s a fantastic concept and service).

In the end, I thought with so many changes coming up, including job, house, and country, it would be fitting to have a fresh start on the blogging end as well. So instead of any further attempts to migrate my blog, I’ve decided to keep a static version of it for posterity and for reference, and start fresh here, powered by Posterous.

So, here I am. Over time the design and content of this site will evolve - my idea is to gradually integrate all the pieces under the same domain and theme, even if they are hosted by different providers (Posterous, GitHub, Google App Engine, and others may be involved).

If you were [one of the three people who] subscribed to BrT, feel free to subscribe to Ideally Blue. You can expect the same mix of technology tips and tricks, personal posts, and other miscellaneous ramblings. I’m also keeping a separate posterous called zznippets, where I post shorter things, mostly interesting snippets and links I find on the web.

See you around!