After the Move

So, three weeks after our move back to Mexico, things are going well. We battled some illnesses in the beginning (we got a pretty bad cold), but we are all but recovered now, and we’ve been extremely busy. We are in the process of finding a place to live, moving from Mexico City (where we arrived, and where my new job started) to Queretaro (where my permanent job will be), buying a car, finding a school, and many other “startup tasks” that need to be done.

Being back in Mexico has been mostly awesome. Being back in our culture, in our language, is great. After so many years of living in foreign lands, I had honestly forgotten the feeling of understanding every word everyone says, of feeling culturally connected with everyone around me, of not having to worry about work permits, visas, and so many other things. I love the food, I love being closer to family. There are some not-so-nice things that we have to get re-used to, like the traffic in Mexico City (but then, we are moving away from Mexico City), the long lines for many things, and the general hecticness of life (compared to here, life in Switzerland is positively boring :-), but the pros far outweigh the cons.

Speaking of the new job, I promised I would disclose it at some point, so here it is (although many people have already seen the update in my LinkedIn profile a couple of weeks ago). I’m now working for HP Mexico (*gasp* the competition!) as an IT Delivery Consultant in the Outsourcing group. I’m barely getting started with the real job, but it has been very interesting, although dramatically different from my old job at IBM Research. I’m very excited because it gives me an opportunity to learn a whole new set of skills, while actually making use of many of the things I have learned over the years about security, virtualization, system administration, etc. I’m in a customer-facing position now, which means I have to wear a suit to work most of the time. I have to use Windows on my machine, which has been a challenge (those who follow me on Twitter have already endured a lot of my whining). I’m really happy to have taken this step, and I’m certain my career will evolve in very interesting directions.

Anyway, enough rambling for now. Today was a holiday, so tomorrow is my first actual day of work in Queretaro, I’d better get some sleep.