All the Apps on My iPhone

I’m doing some cleanup and reorganization, and captured my current app setup as a reference point. Here they are.

Quick note: The first screen is my most-used apps (some are going out now, like 2Do which I’ve never liked too much, but was the best way to sync tasks with Outlook, which I’m no longer forced using). Second screen is all my folders. Third and fourth screens are my girls’ screens, with the games they use when they borrow my phone. The games I play are mostly in the first “Games” folder.

Img_3019 Img_3020 Img_3021 Img_3022 Img_3023 Img_3024 Img_3025 Img_3026 Img_3027 Img_3028 Img_3029 Img_3030 Img_3031 Img_3032 Img_3033 Img_3034 Img_3035