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Nestlé pods, pal; it’s a lifetime relationship.  That $500 machine is a down payment on a 400-900% tax on every cup of coffee you make with it: three cups a day and you pay for the machine again, or more, every year you own it. Next, a frying pan customized to work only with a single brand of eggs, yup.

I don’t understand the popularity of those pod-fed coffee machines. The pods are expensive and the coffee is bad. I much prefer my Krups machine - whole beans (my choice) and water go in, nice fresh coffee comes out.

I must confess I was impressed the first time I saw one, though. It was probably some other brand, about 10 years ago at a conference, and I thought it was the niftiest thing - you could choose the cartridge for the type and flavor of coffee you wanted, put it in and the machine would make you a coffee.