Updated Server and Service Setup

(a friend asked me about my online setup, and I wrote the text below. Then I realized it would also make an interesting blog post, and I just copied and pasted it, with minimal editing, into an email to posterous. This is why I love posterous, it makes posting so easy)

For my setup, I have a hodgepodge of stuff all aggregated under the zzamboni.org domain. I wrote a blog post about my setup some time ago: http://blog.zzamboni.org/server-less-does-not-mean-service-less

Since then, the main things that have changed is that now my static content (e.g. http://zzamboni.org/brt/) is also served by github, instead of Google AppEngine + drydrop. Github used to offer hosting of custom domains only for paid accounts, but now it’s available to free accounts as well, so I decided to simplify the setup and host them directly on github. I also just moved the grabcartoons web page to github as well (http://zzamboni.org/grabcartoons/). So now I have:

http://zzamboni.org/ and http://zzamboni.org/brt/ hosted by github from my zzamboni.github.com repository.
http://zzamboni.org/grabcartoons/ hosted by github from the grabcartoons repository.
http://zzamboni.org/things2thl/ hosted by github from the things2thl repository.
http://blog.zzamboni.org/ and http://posterous.zzamboni.org// (plus some other private blogs) hosted by posterous.com. This is my favorite site for blogging, since it’s extremely easy to post by email, plus you can configure it to auto-post content to twitter, flicker, facebook, etc.
Email served by Google Apps.

I’m very happy with posterous.com and github.com. They are my two favorite services these days.