Here you can find some of the programs I have written over the years, including both frequently maintained projects and some relatively obscure ones, or small code snippets that I find useful.

Active projects

  • Grabcartoons is a program for fetching web comics and putting them all in a single page.

Mac projects on hold

These are projects in which I am in principle still interested, but since they are Mac software and I am at the moment without a Mac, they have not been updated recently, and may not work in recent versions of the software they support.

Old projects

These are projects or code which I have no interest in maintaining anymore, but which some people may still find useful.

  • BoliMonitor is a very simple Mac program to measure duration and interval of contractions during pregnancy.
  • Mailer is a program written in Perl for managing user’s email redirection and very simple mailing lists. It’s very environment-specific and very old (written in 1999), and while I still think it’s cool (and as far as I know, it’s still being used at CERIAS, where it originated), it’s been largely superseded by IMAP and easy-to-use list management programs. Plus it keeps its DB in a plain text file, so it doesn’t scale very well once you have a large number of lists.